Beauty By NAZ Overview

Threading is a hair removal technique that involves tying off string and making a snare that pulls out hair by the root. It is often a better option than waxing and tweezing, particularly for delicate skin.

Training Programs at Beauty By NAZ

• Part 1 – Basics of Threading
– History of Threading
​- The Basics of Threading
– Types of thread & various techniques
– Sanitation
• Part 2 – Removing Hair
– How to catch the hair inside the loop
– How to remove hair from the root
– Practice removing hair on model
• Part 3 – Self Threading
– How to hold the thread
– How to wind the thread
– Practice removing hair from your lip/chin
• Part 4- Building the Business
​- Basics of business
– Social Media/website

Price Range: $350-$450 

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Niagara Falls, NY