Angelica Day Spa & Boutique LLC Overview

Angelica Day Spa & Boutique is passionate about all things holistic and luxurious. They have been performing ancient art-forms for over 4 years and promise easy-to-follow training that will have you Sugaring like a pro fast. Sugaring isn’t just about hair removal. Sugaring is an art. 

Training Programs at Angelica Day Spa & Boutique LLC

• It is only warmed to body temperature, so there is zero chance of burning your skin!
• Sugar only adheres to dead skin cells & the hair. Therefore, will not lift live skin!
• It is an all-natural form of Hair removal
• It is easy to remove because it is water soluble.
• Fewer ingrown hairs than waxing because removal occurs IN THE DIRECTION of hair-growth, not against it
• It is cost effective and better for the environment, because we don’t use strips,sticks and materials. 

Price Range: Starting at $299 

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Jacksonville, OR