An Overview of American Coaching Association

The American Coaching Association was established with the objective of making individualized coaching accessible to everybody who wants it. ACA’s strategy is to connect individuals who need coaching with individuals who do coaching; familiarize the overall population with the idea of coaching; give mentors preparation, supervision, and an expert network.

How to Join American Coaching Association

There are two types of ACA memberships: FULL and ASSOCIATE. To qualify for a full membership, you must have been practicing and coaching for at least one year, and have a minimum of 10 clients. The annual fee for a Full Member is $200/year. Beginning coaches who don’t yet meet these criteria can join for $125/year.

Anyone wishing to join ACA must have received coach training. The ACC credential from ICF in addition to specialized ADD coach training is preferred. Individuals who can demonstrate that their stand-alone ADD coach training included the foundations of general coaching will be considered.

Call 610-825-8572 or e-mail them at the address below to discuss your situation.

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