Aloha Beauty Boutique Overview

Sugaring techs are highly sought after. When customers get sugared, most of them stay faithful to their salons because of the advantages of this technique for hair expulsion.

Advantages of sugaring include:

• Sugar glue is NEVER hot, won’t burn or lift skin since it just holds fast to dead skin cells, not live skin, so the procedure is delicate and non-grating for the skin, making it perfect for all skin types, including those customers with sensitive skin

• Sugar is all-normal, water-soluble and the solution consists of sugar, water, and lemon, making it simple to clean from customers’ skin and different surfaces in the treatment with only a warm wipe or towel

• Sugaring causes less breakage and ingrown hairs than customary waxing strategies, and the hair grows back slower

• Sugaring can extricate hairs as short as 1/16th of an inch on customers who get sugared consistently and sheds the skin, bringing about a smoother and cleaner hair removal process, milder and less irritated skin, with less tweezing.

• Sugaring is better for the environment 

Training Programs at Aloha Beauty Boutique

  • Small Group Class (2 students) 2 Day Certification Course
  • Private 2 Day Certification Course
  • Advanced One on One Training
  • Advanced One on One Training in Student’s Area(s) of Choice
  • Price Range: $150 – $799 

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