A Breath of Wellness, LLC Overview

The Feel Your Life program is a 1:1 mentorship experience that gives you the skills to develop your wellness practice. The relationship you make with yourself and your breath is among the most significant you’ll have. Cognizant living is a way of developing into our true nature.

This program is about relationship building, useful breathing, reacting to our emotions, and feeling connected. 

Training Programs at A Breath of Wellness, LLC

  • 9 Integrated Healing Breath Sessions (3/month)
  • 3 Mindset Strategy Sessions (1/month)
  • The Balanced Breath Video Series ($175 value)
  • Strategy workbook with resources and reflection exercises
  • Weekly email and social messenger support in between sessions
  • Access to monthly group breath sessions (9 total and growing, a $225 value)
  • Price Range: Starting at $1,750 

Resources for A Breath of Wellness, LLC


815 Ritchie Highway Suite 218 Severna Park, MD