Watermark Counseling Overview

Handy Training: The focal point of the course is on building up the aptitudes of a professional clinical subliminal specialist. While a considerable measure of data is introduced, this expertise improvement, both in actuating hypnosis and in overseeing proposals, is underscored. The course additionally addresses enthusiastic correspondence, sympathy and influential abilities.

Numerous self improvement forms utilize mesmerizing standards. You will comprehend and figure out how to utilize unwinding procedures, remedial guided symbolism and significantly more. Dr. Mau shows methods and talks about real customer cases. Members practice the abilities in class.

Training Programs at Watermark Counseling

  • The workshop is dynamic, interactive, and loaded with energy and enrichment
  • Superlative use of examples
  • There was evidence from research to back up everything that was taught.
  • The strongest aspect of the workshop? “The actual presentations of hypnosis and seeing someone else in the class do the same.

Price Range: Starting at $2,277 USD

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Columbia, SC