Is a Career as a Therapist Right For You?

There are many challenging, yet rewarding careers for a therapist. Therapy spans a broad range of specialties, but here are a few to help you get a feel for what it takes to become a therapist.

In an ever-changing and fast-paced world, working with a therapist is often one of the best choices that you can make for yourself and your own mental health. The field of therapy is one with an extensive range of sub-genres that work to help people with specific mental health needs. For example, there are addiction therapists, psychologists and play therapy, and this does not even scratch the surface of the different types of therapies available.

Regardless of the type of therapy, the underlying purpose of any therapist is to

  • Improve the overall lives of their patients
  • To help their patients develop better cognitive and emotional skills
  • To help their patient reduce symptoms of mental illness
  • To teach their patient to cope with various challenges
  • To help their patient to recover from PTSD or trauma
  • To provide their patient with guidance

There is a range of employment options for therapists. This will once again depend on the type of therapy being offered. Employment options may range from a private business, to a mental health clinic to a hospital and anywhere in between. There are specific state government-mandated regulations to becoming a therapist, depending on the type of service being offered and the state within which this occurs, so it is important to conduct research into each to find the best option for your career.

How Much Does a Therapist Make?

The pay scale for a therapist differs greatly based upon the type of therapy being practiced. This salary range may be based on a practitioner’s type of therapy, experience, skills, location, client base and training. Generally, the more qualifications a therapist has, their higher the opportunity for an elevated income there is. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a therapist may be paid anything from $20,000 to $95,000 per year. This is a massive pay range, so it is important to do further research into your desired field of therapy for a better understanding at the pay rate of a specific therapist.

How to Become a Therapist

To become a therapist in most states, you must undergo a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in psychology, social work or another related field. Upon the completion of this undergraduate degree, most types of therapists will continue their post-graduate training by either undertaking a masters degree, a doctorate or a medical degree. Most therapists are also required to undertake a set number of practical training hours within a clinic or suitable institution as a part of their training and as a means of working towards their state licensing requirements.

How to Become a Successful Therapist

Becoming a successful therapist begins at the qualifications a professional has, and their attitude towards the services that they offer. Depending on the type of therapy being practiced, a social media presence can be extremely beneficial to the successful outcome of a business. The power of online videos that offer insight into a therapist’s attitudes and methodologies can be invaluable. Similarly, word of mouth endorsements are essential to any successful business.

Deep dive into different specialties as a therapist: