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The School Psychology Program concedes students to the EdS (Educational Specialist) and PhD (Doctor of Philosophy) nearby advanced education programs. The EdS and PhD degrees in school brain science get ready students for the immediate school-based act of school brain science and credentialing as school clinicians and, for PhD students, professions in scholarly and clinical settings as employees, scientists, and professionals. The degree programs in school brain research center around the arrangement of school brain research benefits that depend on a solid establishment of research and application identified with students and learning forms. The school brain research degree programs incorporate a coordinated and consecutive program of study with complete coursework and directed field encounters. Students partake in courses and workshops in appraisal and information assortment; mediations and dynamic, counteraction and interview, proficient school brain science, sociocultural establishments, mental establishments, human advancement, instructive establishments, insights and examine, and different zones. Students are required to take an interest in broad practicum, temporary job, and research encounters. The nearby EdS and PhD degree programs hold full endorsement from the National Association of School Psychologists (NASP) and national acknowledgment from NCATE.

Training Programs at The University of Alabama

  • MA in Educational Psychology (online) (with Class A School Psychometry certification)
  • EdS in Educational Psychology (with Class AA School Psychology certification) (blended program)
  • EdS and PhD programs in School Psychology (on campus)

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