The Hypnotherapy Institute Overview

Our professional training furnishes you with bit by bit guidelines and the aptitudes required so as to turn into a viable and effective affirmed trance inducer.

We start with the nuts and bolts of hypnosis and stupor enlistment; show you viable advising abilities that permit you to construct compatibility with your customers; show you different intelligent hypnotherapy methods that assist customers with taking advantage of their own internal assets that permit them to manage their feelings of trepidation, confidence and different issues for which they have looked for help from a trance specialist; lastly, offer guidance on the most proficient method to manufacture a hypnotherapy practice.

Training Programs at The Hypnotherapy Institute

  • 101: Introduction to Hypnotherapy
  • 201: Gestalt Hypnotherapy
  • 205: Inner Guides
  • 301: Regression Therapy I – Inner Child
  • 305: Regression Therapy II – Past Life
  • 310: Parts Therapy I & II
  • 401: Addictions Therapy I
  • 415: Addictions Therapy II – Weight Mastery
  • 450: Establishing a Practice

Price Range: Starting at $2095.00 USD

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Spokane, WA