Prairie Hypnotherapy Center Overview

My Hynosis or Hypnotherapy and NLP training was at the Australian College of Hypnotherapy in Sydney, Australia and at the Hypnotherapy Training Institute in San Francisco. My Meditation Training, Energy for Healing Help and Entity Release Work was with Sestina Dos Santos. She is a Clairvoyant and Hypnotherapist and works with Energetic Healing modalities in Sydney, Australia.

I’m a North Dakotan – brought up here. My undergrad considers were at Minnesota State University Moorhead in Mass Communications and Education. My four little girls were brought up in Sydney, Australia.

Training Programs at Prairie Hypnotherapy Center

  • Class 1 – Anti-Anxiety made easy
  • Class 2 – Picking Wrong Partners & Relating Issues
  • Class 3 – Anti-Stress and Health Improvement
  • Class 4 – Anger Issues
  • Class 5 – Control Your Weight with the Mind
  • Class 6 – Jealousy Issues
  • Class 7 – Pain Reduction – what you can do
  • Class 8 – Sleep Issues
  • Class 9 – What Life Stresses cause smoking
  • Class 10 – Co-dependency as a Life Ruin
  • Class 11 – Spiritual Entities can ruin your life 

Price Range: Check website for updated details.

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Fargo, ND