Mitchell Institute  Overview

In class we spread the scholastic research that shows hypnosis is genuine and works. These are the techniques we instruct. What’s more, subliminal specialists who produce results get progressing referrals from past customers. In the event that you are a psychotherapist add this brilliant apparatus to your training.

In the event that you need to represent considerable authority in trance induction, you may rehearse as a Certified Consulting Hypnotist.

Training Programs at Mitchell Institute

  • Learn How to create hypnotic inductions including the Elman induction, Dr. Flowers induction and rapid/ instant inductions.
  • Learn hypnosis approaches that work for smoking cessation, weight loss/control, pain management, stress reduction, improving academic performance, developing confidence, and overcoming fears.
  • Learn How to Structure Hypnosis Sessions.
  • Learn How to Test for Depth and Successfully Deepen Hypnosis.
  • Learn How to create powerful hypnotic phenomenon like amnesia, hypnotic analgesia and positive sensory hallucinations.
  • Learn the keys to successful post-hypnotic suggestion so your clients experience success after the sessions.

Price Range: Starting at $2,400 USD

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Chicago, IL