Find Local Classes & Certification Program to Enhance Your Career

Are you a cosmetology or aesthetic student looking for the right career? Are you unsure what industry to get involved in? Do lash extensions sound interesting? Lash extensions are really fun and exciting and offering them can make for a great career.

A certified lash technician is a licensed individual who either works for themselves or works for a beauty business doing lash extensions

The typical curriculum is a unique blend of theory and practical hands-on training delivered by our knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and student-centered instructors. The focus on application methods the safest and most efficient methods for perfect technique for the industry.

Basic Courses for Lash Technician Training

There are many training and certification programs that range from one-day to multi-day sessions. Beauty and health professionals that attend certification workshops receive the training by the experts in the field. Successful completion of the courses requires that you demonstrate comprehension of the key concepts and theory of lash extensions and that you can perform the application technique in a safe, efficient, and confident manner.

Advanced Courses

Advanced courses are designed to heighten your skill level and give you an edge for your new career. You will gain confidence and speed as you learn additional techniques for perfect bonding and isolation, efficiency, and design. You will be provided with tips and strategies for working with challenging lashes and challenging situations. You will also learn how to apply specialty lashes safely. Classes can offer you more personalized instruction from the trainer and include additional observation time whereby you benefit from watching the instructor apply lash extensions at expert speed and receive encouraging, instructive feedback as she observes you applying the lashes.

Find training to enhance your career as a lash technician:


The Lashe, Inc

 The Lashe, Inc Overview These concentrated, hands-on training courses in eyelash and eyebrow beauty techniques are intended to be the ...
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Borboleta Beauty, Inc

Borboleta Beauty, Inc Overview With the lash industry growing at an increasingly rapid pace, setting yourself apart as an artist ...
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Fabupro Overview All through the online course, students will learn eyelash extension applications both hands-on and sharing their work with ...
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Minkys Overview The Minkys mission is to ensure the long term health and safety of the eyelash extension industry. They ...
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Naturalash Overview NaturaLash is focused on helping students master Eyelash Extension beauty treatments.  The industry is growing exponentially and the demand ...
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Yegi Beauty

Yegi Beauty Overview Yegi Beauty's lash classes have helped numerous beauty pros kick off their professions. Offering eyelash augmentation training ...
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Penny Lash

Penny Lash Overview If you are an authorized esthetician or cosmotologist hoping to add eyelash extensions to your practice, these ...
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Lash New York

Lash New York Overview Offering Classic and Russian Volume eyelash extenion training in a one day course.  Training Programs at Lash ...
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Chicago Lashes

Chicago Lashes Overview Training programs include eyelash extension kits for students to use during the course. The pack includes all ...
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Art Institute of Permanent Cosmetics

Art Institute of Permanent Cosmetics Overview Students may well discover this course is better in cost and substance than any ...
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