Network With Other Hypnotherapists

Similar to associations, there are several groups available for hypnotherapists that work to provide industry-relevant support to this field. These groups allow professionals to share experiences and insights with like-minded colleagues in what often becomes an all-inclusive community. These groups often meet either online or in real life, and sometimes both, depending on location and the type of group. There are endless groups available to join for free on social media such as Facebook, through universities or through groups that you can search and join, sharing resources and friendships. Websites such as Meetup allow you to search for industry-specific groups in your area, allowing hypnotherapists to come together in one place. As with associations, hypnotherapy communities provide a less formal method of congregating and supporting one another as professionals and sharing resources.

Check out these Facebook Groups to network with other professionals:


Hypnotists / Hypnotherapists Wanted

IAIH Hypnotherapists

Hypnotherapists Business Rescue Remedy

Hypnotherapists Lounge

Hypnotherapists for Healthcare Workers

Hypnotherapy Matters

Hypnotherapists UK

Hypnotherapists Psychotherapists Counsellors & Professional Practitioners

Soul-Centered Business Coach for Coaches, Hypnotherapists, & Healers

Learn To Become A Clinical Hypnotherapist

Recording For Hypnotherapists Online Group

The Balanced Hypnotherapist – TBH

IACH – International Association of Counseling Hypnotherapists

Hypnotherapists – Courses, Resources & More

Professional Hypnotherapists of Florida

SEPT 2019 – E-Hypnotherapists Mastermind

Grace Space Hypnotherapists

Canadian Clinical Hypnotherapists

Neuro Acu Pain and Hypnotherapist Group by MK Sastry

EMDR for Hypnotherapists

March 2020 – E-Hypnotherapist Certification

The Friars Hypnotherapists 2020

Connect with- Bangalore Counselors, Psychologists & Hypnotherapists(CBCPH)

Hypnotherapists ( + students and trainees ) – Gujarat

International Association of Analytical Hypnotherapists

Hypnotherapists Meet Up UK

Melbourne Hypnotherapists Network Group

Stephen Brooks Online Ericksonian Hypnotherapy Diploma Discussion Group

DEC 2019 – E-Hypnotherapists Mastermind

Perth Hypnotherapists Meet-up and Trainings

Chris Tarpey Hypnotherapy

Lothian Hypnotherapist Network

Tapping into a better you.

Find A Hypnotherapist Directory

Stress Relief with Laughter and Gratitude

Law of Attraction Magic

Holistic Health Sanctuary & Studio 3B

Soulful Living Tribe

Sky Sanctuary Worldwide Network

Twin Flame Regression

Word-Packing Adventures with Laurie Moritz

Success Builders with Dee Woolridge

Affirmations For Your Health

Pragito Dove – 7 Day Meditation Challenge 2

Charlene Pieri The Realistic Retreat / Coach

5-Dimensional Goddess FREE/AUCTION/PAID/DONATION Based Readings

Becoming Self

5 Days, 5 Ways to Calm

Hypnotherapy Advantage For Autoimmune Disease

Reframe Your Brain

SHINE – Agents of Change – Helping Those With Anxiety and Depression

Pragito Dove – Laughing Buddhas Network


Claires mind & body Group classes

The Face of Love


Power of Positive Thinking – The Power Of You!

Breakthrough Coaching International Community

Nic Wood Open Mind Coaching

Awakened Consciousness with Kristani

From Depressed to Success

Look Into Me Eyez


Health Wealth & Vitality with Oils

Kuan Yin Sacred Teachings & Community

Mind Whisperer

Broadstairs Hypnotherapy Group

QHHT with Vered

Birmingham NLP

Aatmikk by Vanddna Bhargave

The Illuminating Zone- Namrata Dagia

Diane The Holistic Consultant – Mind, Body and Spirit

Divine Soulss-Meghaa Goel

Marital counselling & past life regression therapy by NAVNEETH VALLABH

Crystal Cauldrons Spiritual Consultation and Holistic Center

Darwin NT Volunteer Help

Doncaster Tourette’s Action Support Group

Liverpool and North West Small Businesses

Hypnotherapy & Natural Health & Fitness. Transform Yourself With Bev Davies

You Are Special – You Are God’s Precious Child!

Cheadle & Gatley Meditation & Emotional Wellbeing

Boars Bridge Therapy Centre (

Therapeutic Scents

Divine Healings – From our hearts to yours, You are never alone

The Hypnotherapist

Clinical Hypnotherapist, RN, Post Grad Dip

European Hypnotherapist & Hypnotist Meetup

The Freedom of Choice – Alternative healing Malta – Experience Exchange

Hypnotherapist Training Class With Buya Alamsyah Lubis