Hubtattoo Overview

Offering tattoo apprenticeships for new ink artists.

Training Programs at Hubtattoo

  • Custodial duties, and basic customer relations.
  • Train for management of sterilization procedures
  • Take responsibility for inventory and supply acquisition
  • Secretarial training ( handling of the files, emails, phone calls, ordering of supplies )
  • Muscle memory exercises, and basic tattoo design concepts.
  • Tattoo aftercare theory and methods
  • Tattoo community research and development exercises
  • Painting and drawing exercises
  • Personal assistant responsibilities
  • Compiling data into reference material for future business management
  • Selected reading assignments
  • Photographing tattoos 101
  • Apprentice makes actual tattoos on “volunteers” for free ( Michael’s discretion)
  • Price Range: Call or visit website linked below for current pricing.

Resources for Hubtattoo


Austin, TX