AmberLight Hypnosis, LLC Overview

Seventh Path is a progressive way to deal with personal development. This Mind-Body-Spiritual way to learn self-hypnosis helps you reinvent yourself for progress by wiping out constraining convictions and mistaken programming. In class you will encounter the intensity of seventh Path Self-Hypnosis. You will learn the strategies and start using them promptly. You will discover the procedure is simple, yet significant in its capacity to assist you with pushing ahead in your life, past barricades and confinements shielding you from being your best.

Training Programs at AmberLight Hypnosis, LLC

  • How the mind works
  • How hypnosis works
  • An understanding and awareness of emotions and how they impact behavior and thinking
  • How to practice 7th Path and induce self-hypnosis
  • How to structure and compose optimal suggestions for self-hypnosis success
  • Student Workbook included
  • Ongoing support for all students
  • Join a worldwide community of students and practitioners
  • Price Range: Check website for updated details.

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Meridian, ID