Alabama Hypnosis Clinic of The Path Foundation Overview

Hypnosis training alongside Cell Command Therapy® is offered for people who are moving in the direction of either a hypnosis or remedial profession. It is offered to trance inducers and advisors from all medical services callings.

The training incorporates practice, practical experience and entry -evel assignments. These courses are being offered for students to become familiar with hypnosis (or hypnotherapy) either as a calling or as a subordinate to a related profession.

Training Programs at Alabama Hypnosis Clinic of The Path Foundation

  • Hypnosis Course No 201 Basic Hypnotherapy
  • The Mind and Body Connection.
  • What is an Altered State of Consciousness?
  • Who can achieve Hypnosis & How
  • Methods to Induce hypnosis.
  • (Auditory, sensory & verbal suggestion techniques)
  • Induction techniques for Hypnosis
  • Six levels of consciousness
  • How to Determine Level & How to use biofeedback techniques
  • Inducing Deeper Hypnotic trance (why and how?)
  • Techniques for Deepening the hypnosis
  • How to awaken from the hypnotic state? (Best techniques)
  • How to determine hypnotic suggestibility
  • Dangers and what to avoid in using hypnosis
  • Why should you always use positive suggestion
  • How to use suggestion for direct symptom removal
  • Class Demonstrations & Class Exercises
  • Hypnosis Course No 202 Intermediate Hypnotherapy (self Hypnosis)
  • Working with your own Mind and Body
  • Why work with hypnosis (How and why hypnosis can help)
  • Edgar Cayce and hypnosis
  • Six different Induction Techniques for self induction of Hypnosis
  • What can be accomplished at various levels of consciousness
  • How to Determine (depth) level of self hypnosis
  • Recognize the subtle forms of hypnotism in everyday life.
  • Inducing Deeper State of self hypnosis (Alpha to Theta)
  • Brain Physiology & Brain wave analysis in hypnosis
  • What are hypnotic suggestions?
  • The Different Types of Hypnotic Suggestion
  • How to create effective hypnotic suggestions
  • What to avoid in Hypnotic suggestions and why?
  • Why positive suggestion is so much more powerful
  • Using self hypnosis to release blocks, fears and causes.
  • Make your own self-hypnosis tapes or CDs (verbal and subliminal)
  • Class demonstrations & Class Exercises
  • Price Range: Check website for updated details.

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Birmingham, AL